Usable & Responsive Design

Responsive design and usability design and techniques are crucial in ensuring that your customers are able to quickly and easily utilize your website, and find the information or data they are trying to find. Responsive design covers all devices, from desktop to cellphone, while usability ensures that web elements are in easy to find, rewarding places for users.


Usability design and research is crucial in building an easy to use, profitable website. If your website is organized in un-intuitive ways, or users are pestered with strange, hard to use systems or graphics, your users will leave, and generally, not return. The key is to provide elegant, but also friendly interface design, coupled with research done on usability to ensure that customers are not only able to find the data they are looking for, but actually delve into the information on your site, instead of skimming over it.

To ensure your site is usable, we utilize world-class research done by many organizations, including Nielsen Norman Group, on how users browse webpages, as well as what they look at first, and what designs typically draw users in for extended periods of time. We apply this research in building and designing your website, establishing a warm and feel good first impression to your customers.

Usability is not skin-deep either, however. We utilize usability in our code, in the setup of your website, whether those pages or web-applications will be used internally, or customer-facing pages. Utilizing usability as the guide for design, we create profitable, easy to use webpages for your customers, that build true relationships, ensuring they will want to visit your website again, and again.

“Utilizing usability as the guide for design, we create profitable, easy to use webpages for your customers, that build true relationships, ensuring they will want to visit your website again, and again.

Below are some additional resources about usability, and good profitable design. All of these resources, including the 25-point usable design checklist, are utilized to ensure that our programming promotes good design, and profitable webpages.

Responsive Design

Your customers need to find you anywhere, and quickly. That means ensuring your website looks great everywhere, whether on a 30-inch display, or a 3-inch smartphone. Responsive design builds off of usable design, in ensuring that your customers will be able to find information on your website in an easy and fun manner, with that information and site tailored to that user’s device. In turn, your customers will be able to easily find your website, even if on the go, allowing them to quickly use your services, and ensuring they’ll want to continue working with you.


In order to build a profitable and safe website, security must be at the forefront of any website development. We start from day one engineering and developing your website to be rock solid. A website that is down for any length of time loses traffic, and becomes less profitable. Because of this, we utilize security measures and precautions in our code and programming to ensure your website is safe and secure, for both your customers, and for your needs and uses.

We have been working and maintaining server and website security for a long time, and in that time, we have built and implemented many security measures to ensure our customers and clients have stayed safe and secure. Some of these security implementations include:

  • Administration and securing of web servers
  • MySQL Server security
  • Hardening Apache and other Web-Services
  • Implementing data checks in forms and dynamic code to ensure the validity of requests
  • Maintained up-to-date systems, including our CMS systems and other dynamic third-party systems

Web Technologies

Having worked with some of the most demanding clients in the business, we understand that there are many challenges with building a fast, secure, profitable website. Utilizing powerful code like HTML and CSS, we are able to quickly build pages that are not only easy to use and load quickly for your users, but look good, and represent you as a brand, and a company.

Today, websites don’t just need to look good, however, they need to work more. Through PHP and MySQL, we build end to end web-applications and “smart” websites, which utilize dynamic code to generate data and pages on the fly. Utilizing PHP, we are able to create custom forms, templates, blogs, databases, or even eShopping carts.

PHP allows us to build the code that does the heavy lifting on your databases and large company data. The end result, is your website looks great, whether it’s the internal systems used to manage and build data reports, or the webpages built to show customers not only how great your company is, but how to get in touch with you.

With PHP, MySQL, HTML and CSS, we are able to build solutions for the needs of our clients. Some of these solutions include:

  • Build dynamic sites that auto generate pages on the fly
  • Create usable, dynamic front end interfaces that couple and integrate seamlessly with our backend code engines, systems, and databases.
  • Automatically generate up-to-date sitemaps and search engine optimized data to make sure your customers can find you
  • Render reports on existing database information
  • Manipulate, collate, and render other data in databases so they are easier to search through and administer
  • Build eCommerce sites allowing your business to directly sell services or products from your website
  • Create administration portals for Advertising, Database Management, or website management, making it easier for you to change content on your website quickly and efficiently
  • Create Content Management Systems that allow your business to easily build new content, add new webpages, and create new information and data on your website easily and securely
  • Custom submission and other form data systems for organization, storage, or reporting within databases
  • Output database data in other formats for other systems (RSS, Newsletters, Plain-text, etc)
  • Create social networking and other collaborative software
  • Build easy to use integration with social media systems such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter

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