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  • Web programming language fluency in:
    • HTML - since 2001
    • CSS3 - since 2006
    • PHP - since 2006
    • MySQL and SQL backend programming - since 2008
  • Web programming, MySQL database programming, design in usability & responsive designs
    • create dynamic sites that auto generate pages from powerful database & CMS systems
    • dynamic front-ends that couple & integrate with backend code engines, databases, and SQL
    • create custom reports for database data/data curation
    • manipulate, collate, render data within databases for easier search, administration & optimization
    • creation of eCommerce systems & stores
    • creation of administration portals for database management, user management, data manipulation
    • build & implement CMS systems for front-end web sites and systems
    • export & output database content to other formats (RSS, Newsletters, Excel, etc.)
    • Integration from back-end systems and user curation to social media platforms such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram
  • Search Engine Optimization and Analytical Data Collection/Manipulation
    • Search Engine Optimization for creating the highest visibility and indexing
    • Work with Google Analytics and other analytical software
    • Manipulation of analytical data to create reports and audit traffic
    • Optimization of backend SQL databases and dynamic pages for better search engine indexing
  • Server & SQL Security Administration
    • Server penetration testing
    • CMS & PHP code hardening & intrusion testing
  • Formatting and creation of eBooks for Smashwords, Kindle, Nook, iBooks
  • Digital design and creation skills:
    • Adobe Photoshop - since 2009
    • Adobe Illustrator - since 2010
    • Computer Repair, Support, Tutorial, Consultation, IT Expertise
    • Security design and installation for personal electronic and server systems


Web Programmer & SQL Coder & Developer

Experience includes web programming and design, creation of eCommerce solutions and backend SQL management and programming. Writing and creation of responsive and usable designed web pages and web solutions for static sites, CMS, dynamic web applications, and front-end systems for databases. Creation of back-end systems that sort, manipulate, and curate large SQL databases, and heavy amounts of raw SQL data into useful reports, including the creation of fully custom reports, and reporting systems. Database and website security and server hardening, including web server administration, PHP and MySQL security administration, and server penetration testing.

Partial Client List
  • WineIndustryInsight
  • SavvyTaste
  • ImagineSonoma
  • Ideaworx
  • LewisPerdue.com

Computer IT Tech & Consultant

IT services for individual and business clients, on location computer repair, transition from Windows systems both corporate and home to Macintosh solutions, new technology training, website design and support, applications for mobile and desktop hardware.

Partial Client List
  • Ideaworx
  • Mills & Associates
  • Sonoma Chevrolet
  • Wong and Wong Law
  • Dennis Rae Fine Art

Sudden Paciļ¬c Publishing
Digital Editor & eBook Tech

Edit and publish eBooks for Smashwords, Amazon Kindle and Apple iBooks. Scan older manuscripts for editing, edit manuscripts, configure for ebook publishing, assist in cover design and implementation, submit package for acceptance and uploading to ebook providers. Support ebook revisions, reprints and upgrades after initial publication.

Ongoing Education

Santa Barbara City College, Santa Barbara, CA
Major: Computer Science


References upon request.

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