Content Management Systems (CMS)

Content Management Systems, or CMS, allow you or your business to easily and quickly produce new content for your website. CMS systems allow anyone to quickly build webpages, or write new content for a website, without needing to know how to program or build webpages. These systems, such as WordPress, ensure that you can quickly create or add new content to your website, bringing in new customers, and welcoming back old ones with new information, and exciting content.

We ensure that your CMS system fits your needs, by creating easy and customized CMS solutions to allow you to edit, create, or produce new content, or change your website quickly and easily. This ensures that there isn’t any down-time for your customers getting new information. Your customers will love the easy of getting new data from your website, and you’ll love how easy it is to administer your website.

We utilize strong code and other programming technologies such as MySQL backend systems to ensure that your website and CMS system are customized to the needs of your business. Some of our CMS solutions include:

  • Creating & maintaining WordPress implementations
  • Creating custom plug-ins or management systems
  • Integrating automatic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) code for creating sitemaps and other SEO data
  • Connecting your website and CMS system with social media for wider reach and audience
  • Implementing third-party or secondary CMS system, allowing third-party data to be produced or displayed on your website
  • Creating dynamic advertising solutions or administration systems for the advertising on your CMS-enabled website
  • Creating add-on web-applications that integrate tightly with existing CMS systems such as Drupal, or existing WordPress implementation
Read our case study on creating profitable and easy to use Content Management Systems.

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