Meeting Your Needs

Your company deserves outstanding web site design and usability to make a great first impression, and build lasting relationships with customers. That is our only business. Reliable, user-centered, profit-minded systems so customers will find your website logical, rewarding and easy to do business with.

“We use good design and usability tactics that not only provides a great first impression, but builds a lasting relationship with current or potential customers.”

How We Do It

  1. Usable & responsive design. Your site works across all devices, from mobile to desktop. Our research on responsive design and usability ensures your site is easily usable by your customers, regardless of how they're accessing it.
  2. HTML, CSS, PHP & MySQL. We make sure that all our powerful program code works together to create dynamic, usable and profitable pages. By working together, we ensure usable, powerful front-end designs, coupled seamlessly with out backend systems and databases.
  3. Securely. Our experience in server and web security means that when we utilize MySQL and other back-end programming systems, we can make your website a joy to visit but secure as well.
  4. Ease of Finding You. You can't make money if no one can find you. We write your web code to make your site highly visible to both search engines, and social media networks.

Read more on how we build profitable web solutions for your business.

“Usability insight allows us to structure your site to deliver the customers and profits you need.”

Case Histories

  • WineIndustryInsight
    1. Creation of backend database & administration of MySQL
    2. Creation of usable user interface design
    3. Submission systems for OtherVoices, NewsFetch
    4. Advertising management panels
    5. NewsFetch newsletter design
    6. WordPress Implementation Management
  • SavvyTaste
    1. Easy, simple user interface design
    2. Creation of dynamic database reports & data manipulation
    3. Facebook & Instagram integration and log-in support
    1. WordPress theme & implementation management
    2. Social Media Optimization and programming
    3. Linking of social networking systems to website

Turning Tech Into Your Profits

We've run our business for eight years now and recognize that a web site is not an end in itself. Instead it must allow existing customers to conduct more business with you, and potential customers to take a good look at what you're all about. To make that work best for you, we program with proven business and traffic tactics even if that requires rejecting fads and flashy designs that may look spectacular, but annoy users and drive them your competitors.

This is why we rely on world-class research and experience to give our clients highly usable and user-centered sites. Read more about usability research and practice.

What We’ve Done

Our work with demanding clients gives us invaluable experience in usability, user experience, and security. Read more about our case studies, and how they help us build profitable web solutions for you.

Experience allows us to create and build any number of systems for you, including:

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  • systems creating clean user experience and design for end users
  • dynamically generated pages that allow data or content to be displayed to either end users, or to internal users trying to access or make sense of data
  • Full Database management, allowing for faster response times and easier input and manipulation of data or database content
  • Submission systems, allowing external users or clients to submit data, stories, content, or feedback
  • Administration portals for advertising, submission systems, or general site management.

“We have applied end-to-end solutions with backend programming, usability design, and powerful dynamic code to build full solutions that exceed the needs of clients, and their customers.”

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